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Monday, November 3, 2014

Learn Haitian Creole Online with "Walking and Playing in the Rain - Mache ak Jwe anba Lapli"

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'Mache ak Jwe Anba Lapli - Walking and Playing in The Rain' Book Review:

"Mache ak Jwe anba lapli – Walking and Playing in the rain" is the story of two beautiful Haitian girls who got caught by bad weather while walking home from school. Linda and Lidya were close cousins. They were strong young girls. #Fanm djanm! #Gason ganyan! They were members of an extended Haitian family in Jeremie, a city in the Southwestern part of Haiti. Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, son of a French nobleman and mixed-race slave and eventually a general of the French Revolutionary Wars, was also born there. Read their story in Haitian Creole and English and find out what they did when they got home despite their maid's instruction. In this story, you will find out the meals Haitian students eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Find out whether you know the names of the games most Haitian kids play. Underline boys and girls' favorite games. Linda and Lidya enjoy playing the following games.

Linda and Lidya enjoy playing 'Kay'! Yo renmen jwe kay

jwe domino (play domino)

jwe marèl (hopscotch)

jwe damye (checkers)

monte kap (fly kites)

jwe bezig (yon jwèt kat ki gen rèn)

jwe oslè (knucklebones, jacks)

jwe mab (marbles)

fè lago (hide and seek, play tag)

jwe kat (play cards)

jwe boul (play balls, mostly soccer)

sote kòd (jump ropes)

jwe kay (count-and-capture)

jwe kat (play cards)

fè wonn ( role playing, dancing and singing in a circle, run and play in a circle)

jwe kachkach liben (Hide and Seek an Object)

jwe ak fistibal, tire fistibal (play with slingshots, shoot with slingshots)

Listen to the Narrated Story / Audio of 'Walking and Playing in the Rain - Mache ak Jwe Anbal Lapli'

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